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Peter FIDLER was one of Canada's greatest surveyors and explorers. He was born on August 16, 1769 in Bolsover, Derbyshire England. In 1788 he signed on as a labourer with the Hudson's Bay Company, beginning his career at York Factory on Hudson Bay. In 1790 he began his training as a surveyor with Philip TURNOR. Around 1795 Peter married a Cree woman named Mary at his home base in York Factory, and for the next 17 years they traveled extensively and his exploits were many. Peter died in 1822 at Dauphin House, and Mary died in 1826 in the Red River settlement.


My name is Gary STILL. I was born on Dec 22, 1939 in Selkirk (MB). I developed an interest in genealogy at a young age. I was intrigued with all the stories my parents told, about the hardships and adventures of our pioneer ancestors. I always wanted to know more about them. The more I learned the more curious and interested I became. Genealogy became a life-long hobby that began with tracing my own personal family roots. In my own quest for information I have accumulated a massive amount of genealogical information, particulary about Metis families who descended from early fur traders, and descendants of Red River Settlers. So, I told myself, why not share this wealth before it is lost and wasted.

In 1971 I married Eldred (FIDLER by blood) THOMAS (born 1943 in Selkirk). We moved to Edmonton where we raised two sons. Eldred died in 1997 (after a long battle with cancer). Naturally, I wanted to trace my wife's ancestors, so my sons would have as much information about their maternal ancestors as well. This proved to be very difficult at first, mainly because both of her parents had been born out of wedlock and were raised from a young age by adoptive parents. Their knowledge of their natural parents was fairly limited. It took a lot of detective work to finally establish their true blood-lines.

Some of you may be uncomfortable with exposing details about your personal lives, so we must try to confine our discussions to people already deceased, and to information already made public, i.e. factual information from obituaries, vital statistics, census records, newspaper stories, etc, etc. (Private exchanges of information might be desirable in some cases). “Born out-of-wedlock”, for example, might immediately raise eyebrows or make some people uncomfortable. Why should it? We certainly cannot condemn anyone for having been illegitimately born, can we? They “didn't ask to be born”. As genealogy reveals, if you dig deep enough you can find “bad folks” and “good folks” in almost any family tree.

Eldred's father was Ventrice (FIDLER) THOMAS (1893-1985) and her mother was Irene/ Tena (DICKINSON) MOAR/ MOORE (1910-1991). Ventrice was, on his mother's side (Caroline SAYER), a descendant of John SAYER (1750-1818), also an Englishman, and OBEMAU-UNOQUA, daughter of a famous Ojibway War Chief, MAMONGAZEDA, better known as Chief "Big Foot".  John SAYER was at first a free trader, and later an employee (and shareholding partner) in the North West Fur Company.

Ventrice was a direct descendant of (click) PETER FIDLER OF BOLSOVER


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