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PETER FIDLER JR (1820-1881)

MARIA (AMELIA) BIRD (1822-1893)

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Peter FIDLER was born 1820 at Norway House, the youngest son of Mary MACKEGONNE & Peter FIDLER of Bolsover (1769-1822).  ** MORE ABOUT PETER FIDLER of BOLSOVER


Peter was only two years old when his father Peter died 1822 at Ft Dauphin; six years old when his mother Mary died 1826 in Red River. 


The Red River Census of 1831 recorded Peter (age 11), and his brother Clement (age 17), living with their brother Andrew FIDLER in St James.


Peter married 1838 in St Paul (Middlechurch) to Amelia BIRD, daughtter of Mary Ann THOMAS and George BIRD (1798-1855).

It appears that Amelia gave birth to about 13 children by 1866. However, it seems that only five lived to adulthood (Caroline, Sarah, Thomas, Mary and William)


In 1867 daughter Caroline marrie at St Paul to Phillius “Felix” BONE from Quebec.

In 1872 daughter Sarah married Henry Maurice BIRD in St Andrews, son of Harriet CALDER and Henry BIRD (1805-1893). Henry Maurice died in 1878. ** MORE ABOUT HENRY BIRD


Census 1881 (St Paul/Lisgar) enumerated Peter FIDLER (age 61) and Amelia (age 59), and their children: Widow Sarah (Mrs BIRD), age 30; Thomas (age 27) and Mary (age 22). 

Daughter Sarah (widow of Henry BIRD) re-married in 1881 to widower Donald GUNN, son of the Honorable Donald GUNN (1797-1878). Donald Jr had been married to Caroline BALLENDINE who died in 1878.

In 1881 Peter FIDLER died in Middlechurch.


In 1892 son William Charles married Margaret Ann SINCLAIR. They had one child (Peter Jasper FIDLER) born in 1893.


Amelia died 1893 in Middlechurch.


Son William Charles died in 1896, and in 1897 Margaret Ann (nee SINCLAIR) re-married to his brother, Thomas FIDLER.


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=========================== Family Details ===========================


1. 1840 ANN FIDLER
2. May 13, 1842 CAROLINE CATHERINE FIDLER (m. Phillius "Felix" BONE)
3. Jan 2, 1845 EMILY "EMILIA" FIDLER
4. Sep 27, 1847 JEMIMA FIDLER (Died in infancy)
5. 1848 JAMES FIDLER (Died 1865, Age 17)
6. Mar 4, 1851 SARAH FIDLER (m1. Henry Maurice BIRD, m2. Donald GUNN)
7. Aug 20, 1853 THOMAS FIDLER (m. Margaret Ann (nee SINCLAIR) FIDLER)
8. Feb, 1855 LOKWHAMAH FIDLER (Died in infancy)
9.  Feb, 1856 ELIZABETH JANE FIDLER (Died in infancy, age 2)
10. Aug 10, 1858 MARY FIDLER (m. Henry CLARK JR)
11. Nov 11, 1860 WILLIAM CHARLES FIDLER (m. Margaret Ann SINCLAIR)
12. Oct 10, 1863 GEORGE EDWIN FIDLER (Died in infancy, 2 mos)
13. Jun 12, 1866 PETER FIDLER (Died 1873, 7 yrs old)





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