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First Generation Descendants of Peter Fidler

Mary Fidler

MARY FIDLER (1805-1842)

Mary FIDLER was born Jun 27, 1811 at Chalk Portage, about a week before her parents (Mary MACKEGONNE & Peter FIDLER) arrived at York Factory from their winter at Ile a la Crosse. Mary’s father sailed to England that fall, on a year’s furlough.

When her father returned in the fall of 1812 the family was moved to Brandon House which became their home base until 1819, when they moved again to Fort Dauphin on the shores of Lake Manitoba.

Mary was baptised Aug 12, 1821 at Norway House.

Mary’s father died at Dauphin House in 1822, when she was only 13 years old. Her mother and her younger siblings then moved to the Red River settlement.

Mary married Oct 25, 1825 at St Johns to John FOULDS, an Englishman who worked for the HBC

JOHN FOULDS SR (1798-1868)

John FOULDS SR was born around 1789 in Mansfield Parish, Nottingham County, England. John and his younger brother, Sam FOULDS, both enlisted by the HBC, arrived at York Factory on Aug 22, 1821 aboard the Prince of Wales. He was working as a Labourer at Upper Fort Garry in 1822.

In 1823-24 John was listed as a servant to Donald McKENZIE in 1823-24 (1783-1851), the Governor of Assiniboia.

John continued as a Labourer at Fort Garry until his contract expired in 1825, after which he left the HBC service to become a Red River colonist.

On Oct 25, 1825 John married Mary FIDLER at St John’s Anglican Church.
Their first child (Mary) was born Mar 22, 1828 in St Andrews Parish. She was baptized Apr 20, 1828 at St John’s.

In 1826 Mary’s mother (Mary FIDLER) died in Red River.

Son John FOULDS JR was born in 1830.
Daughters Nancy was born in 1833, Elizabeth in 1835 and Harriet in 1838.

On Jan 8, 1842 a son Abraham was born and his mother (Mary died that same year. She was only 37 years old), and John FOULDS was 44 years old.

In 1850 daughter Mary married William Richard STEVENS

Daughter Nancy died in 1851 (she was only 18 years old).

In 1855 son John Jr married Mary Anne Nancy ADAMS

Daughter Elizabeth is said to have had two illegitimate children (William in 1857 and Miles Alexander in 1861). The father is unknown. Some references also indicate that Elizabeth married Peter McLAUGHLIN from Ireland. More information about Elizabeth would be greatly appreciated.

Around 1864 son Abraham married Elizabeth HARKNESS

John FOULDS died Aug 27, 1868 in St James (age 70).

Children of Mary FIDLER & John FOULDS:
1. Mar 22, 1828 MARY FOULDS (m1. William Richard STEVENS)
2. Apr 27, 1830 JOHN FOULDS JR (m. Mary Anne Nancy ADAMS)
        3. 1833 NANCY FOULDS (Died 1851)
        4. 1835 ELIZABETH "ELIZA" FOULDS (m1. UNKNOWN, ?m2. Peter McLAUGHLIN)
HBC Archives seem to indicate that Elizabeth had two illegitimate children (William b-1857 and
                Miles Alexander b-1861), father unknown. Does anyone have more information on this?
        5. 1838 HARRIET FOULDS
6. Jan 8, 1842 ABRAHAM FOULDS (m. Elizabeth HARKNESS)




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