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First Generation Descendants of Peter Fidler

Colette Fidler


Colette “Polly” FIDLER was born March 5, 1817 at Halkett’s House (north Winnipeg), a daughter of Mary MACKEGONNE and Peter FIDLER of Bolsover.

Polly was only five years old when her father died at Fort Dauphin in 1822; nine years old when her mother died in 1826.

Colette was only 16 years old when she married 1833 at St John’s Anglican Church to George IRVINE

GEORGE IRVINE (1805-1870)

George IRVINE was born around 1805 in Sandwick, Orkney. He began working for the Hudson’s Bay Company 1824. He was a Labourer (and a tailor) at York Factory until 1930.

In 1830 he was transferred to Red River where he was as a Labourer at an Experimental Farm.

A freeman, he married Mar 7, 1833 at St John’s to Collette “Polly” FIDLER. Their first child (Mathilda) was born June 10, 1834 in St James (Winnipeg). By 1840 they had 3 more children (Eleanora, Marie and Martha).

Colette died in 1842.

On Feb 13, 1851 George re-married to Jane COCKRAN, a Treaty Indian from Oxford House, MB.

In 1854 daughter Mathilda had a child (Harriet COOK) by William COOK.

In 1862 daughter Maria married Alexander McDOUGALL in St Boniface.
In 1863 daughter Mathilda married Daniel BERARD in St Boniface.
In 1864 daughter Martha married John ISBISTER in St James.

George died in 1870.

Jane died Jan 27, 1890.

Children of George IRVINE & Colette FIDLER:
1. June 10, 1834 MATHILDA IRVINE (m1. William COOK, m2. Daniel BERARD)
        2. Jun 12, 1836 ELEANORA IRVINE
        3. May 9, 1838 MARIA IRVINE (m. Alexander “Alex” McDougall SR)
        4. Jan 17, 1840 MARTHA IRVINE (m. John ISBISTER)
Children of George IRVINE & Jane COCKRAN:
1. c1852 ISAAC IRVINE (m. Maggie SINCLAIR)
        2. c1854 JANE MARY IRVINE (Died in infancy)
        3. c1855 JOSEPH IRVINE
        4. c1862 GEORGE IRVINE
        5. c1864 WILLIAM IRVINE
        6. July 14, 1867 EMMA JANE IRVINE (m. Murdoch McLEOD)
        7. c1869 MARGARET IRVINE
        8. c1871 JOHN GEORGE IRVINE
        9. c1871 JANE MARY IRVINE
        10. c1873 CORNELIUS IRVINE
        11. c1876 MARY ELIZABETH IRVINE




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