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CLEMENT FIDLER (1814-1870)

Clement FIDLER was born on Nov 24, 1814 at Brandon House, the 10th child of Mary MACKEGONNE (a Cree woman) and Peter FIDLER SR of Bolsover, surveyor, explorer and trader for the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC).

In the summer of 1815 Clement was just a baby when the FIDLER family endured an assault by Cuthbert GRANT, the famous “Captain-General of the Halfbreeds”. 

In 1819 Peter FIDLER was assigned to take charge of the remote post at Fort Dauphin. He was 50 years old now, and illness was creeping in. That winter he was “attacked with Palsy”.

Aug 12, 1821 Clement and three of his siblings (Mary, Colette and Peter Jr) were baptized at Norway House by Rev John WEST (1778-1845). Two days later his mother and father were formally married.

On Dec 17, 1822 Clement’s father died. Clement was just eight years old. Soon after his father died, his mother (Mary) moved with her youngest children to the Red River Settlement (Winnipeg). For more information on the family up to this point, go to Peter Fidler

On June 20, 1826 Clement’s mother (Mary) died in Red River. At that time there were probably five siblings living together at home: Andrew (age 20); Alban (age 17); Clement (age 12); Collette (age 9) and Peter Jr (age 6).

In the Red River Census of 1831 Clement (age 17) and his brother Peter Jr (age 11) were enumerated with their older brother, Andrew (age 20) in St James. Andrew was married by this time (to Ann HALLETT)


Clem was 20 yrs old when he married Dec 6, 1834 at St Johns (Wpg) to Charlotte SLATER, daughter of Mary (Indian) and James SLATER (1777-1856) from Scotland. 

In 1835 daughter Mary was born in St James.

Around 1844 daughter Betsy Elizabeth was born in St James.
Also around 1844 a son James Albert was born. I’m not sure about this birth date.

In June of 1851 son George Andrew was born in St Charles.

On Nov 26, 1852 son John was born.

On June 1, 1856 son Frederick was born.

On Aug 3, 1861 daughter Mary married in St Boniface to John SAYER

Clement FIDLER died on Jan 16, 1870 in St Franxois Xavier (SFX).  He would have been about 56 yrs old. He was buried at Headingly.


Charlotte was around 60 years old when Clement died in 1870. Daughter Mary was then married to John SAYER, and they were living in Poplar Point, MB with three children.
Around 1870 son James Albert may have married a lady named Elizabeth and later moved to the Prince Albert area. I need more information to verify this.

In 1875 Scrip was claimed by Charlotte FIDLER, of Baie St Paul, as the widow of Clement FIDLER

In 1875 daughter Betsy and son-in-law Antoine RICHARD moved to the Prince Albert district of Saskatchewan.
On Nov 22, 1877 son George Andrew married in St Eustache to Marguerite BOYER

In 1877 daughter Mary (SAYER) claimed Scrip for the heirs of her deceased father (Clement). Heirs were named as: Mary, Betsy Elizabeth, John, George Andrew, Frederick and James Albert.

Census 1881: In the Prince Albert district we find the following people all in the household of Mary & John SAYER (age 50). Their daughter Alice (age 16); Mary's mother, Widow Charlotte FIDLER (age 65); and Mary's brothers, Fred FIDLER (age 23) and James FIDLER (age 22). Also with them is a Samuel McKENZIE b-c1874 (age 7). The only Samuel McKENZIE I can find that this might be was a son of Ann SPENCER & Samuel McKENZIE SR b-1813).

Children of Clement FIDLER & Charlotte SLATER:
1. 1835 MARY FIDLER (m. John SAYER)

3. c1844 ELIZABETH FIDLER (m. Antoine RICHARD)
4. June, 1851 GEORGE ANDREW FIDLER (m. Marguerite BOYER)
5. Nov 26, 1852 JOHN FIDLER
6. June 1, 1856 FREDERICK FIDLER (m. Flora)




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