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Children of Elizabeth FOULDS b-1835

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Children of Elizabeth FOULDS b-1835

Post by gnstill » Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:14 pm

Barry, thanks for pointing out my screw-up. Say hello to Brucie for me (Long, long time no see!).

Elizabeth FOULDS b-1835 was the daughter of Mary FIDLER & John FOULDS SR (1798-1868). According to HBC Archives (online) Elizabeth FOULDS had two illegitimate children (father unknown): 1) William Herbert b-1855 and Miles b-1859 (I screwed up with their names and birth dates in my comments under Mary FIDLER.

You are correct. Miles Alexander FOULDS was actually said to be a child of Elizabeth's brother, John FOULDS JR (1830-1903) and Nancy ADAMS b-1835.

I would certainly appreciate more information about these people, particularly documented facts, particularly with regards to Elizabeth's children with similar names, by Peter McLAUGHLIN b-1820 as father.

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