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Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:03 pm
by gnstill
Peter SINCLAIR was born Apr 15, 1851 in St Andrews, MB, the youngest child of half-breed Elizabeth ANDERSON & William SINCLAIR (1790-1862).

Peter’s father (William SINCLAIR) was born around 1790 in the Orkneys of Scotland. In the early 1820’s he sailed to Canada and settled in St Andrews Parish, Manitoba. There he met and married Elizabeth ANDERSON, the daughter of a Saulteaux Indian (Mary Suzette deMORAN) & James ANDERSON (1755-1854), also from the Orkneys.

Peter’s wife-to-be, Sarah Anne FIDLER, was born 1865 in Manitoba to Nancy BREMNER & Edward FIDLER (1826-1913). Edward was a son of Anne SANDERSON & Charles FIDLER (1798-1886). For more information, click on this Link: CHARLES FIDLER

It seems that Peter SINCLAIR had begun a romance with Sarah FIDLER in Manitoba, and when she moved with her family to the Prince Albert area of Saskatchewan in 1878, Peter followed her there. Around 1882 Peter married Sarah in St Louis, south of Prince Albert.


Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:10 pm
by gnstill
Regarding: William Sinclair (married to Elizabeth Anderson)
According to my information, your Great-Great Grandparents were Elizabeth ANDERSON (1802-1872) & William SINCLAIR who was born around 1790 in the Orkneys and was buried Jan 4, 1862 in St Andrews.
Some people have him confused with the halfbreed William SINCLAIR who was born around 1794, son of Margaret (Nahovway) NORTON & William SINCLAIR (1766-1818). That William died Oct 12, 1864 (according to Titameg's Children)