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Post by gnstill » Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:26 am

Welcome to the forum Jules

My FIDLER information agrees with yours. Thanks for the extra MORIN lineage.

I am very interested in your lineage leading up to Cuthbert GRANT SR (1751-1799)

I also have some troublesome information that needs to be sorted out re the marriages of Marguerite GRANT (1790-1866).
Did she marry around 1801 to Michel Monet BELHUMEUR (1766-1858)?
Did she marry around 1810 to Andre Henry POITRAS (1760-1837)?
Following the POITRAS marriage, did she marry Joseph PAGE b-1783?

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Re: MARGUERITE GRANT (1790-1866)

Post by mixedblood » Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:05 pm

The only information I could find was that Marguerite Grant was married to Michel MONET BELHUMEUR and Andre (Henry) POITRAS Sr. I am descended from the Michel MONET BELHUMEUR line, my Grant lineage is as folllows:

1) Cuthbert Grant Sr. and Utinawasis.

2) Michel Monet Bellehumeur and Marguerite Grant.

3) Josephte Monet Bellehumeur and Jean Baptiste Fagnant.

4) Madeleine Angelique Fagnant and Alexis Gervais.

5) Cleophile Gervais and Catherine Ross.

6) Veronique Gervais and Jean Baptiste Fiddler.

7) Florence Fiddler and Norbert Morin.

8) Jules Morin and Evelyn Bishop.

9) Jules Morin {Me}

I've spent countless hours over the years putting my genealogy together, the heaviest work was done already by our other relatives though, such as Mary and Norman Fidler of England, and Gail Morin's Metis genealogy volumes. I also used a book on the genealogical records of the first families of the Red River Settlement, as well as ancestry .com. The last names are spelled different as well, depending on the sources cited for example the book I used spells FAGNANT as FAILLANT, and BELLEHUMEUR with one L. Also, as you're aware FIDDLER and FIDLER. Near as I can tell, I was told the variances in spelling are due to the fact that the information was recorded by English and French writing variances. If you log onto The Virtual Museum Of Metis History And Culture, there are hundreds of photographs that have been posted of our relatives.

I look forward to hearing from you again......Cousin :D

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