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Fidler / Chaboillez

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Fidler / Chaboillez

Post by Sharon » Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:09 am

My main interest is in the Chaboillez family, from whom I beleive we descend, (there is a link still to be proved), however I have read that Charles Chaboillez actually met Peter Fidler, I have to revisit this text and find a specific date, because this would place Charles at a specfic time and place.

It has always been my intention to provide not only a genealogy of the Chaboillez family but provide a history of the times in which they lived.
There remain a great deal to add to the website and I am constantly reading books and scouring the net to find out as much as possible.

Should anyone reading this, have any unpublished information about the early Chaboyer / Chabolliez familes, particularly those born from about 1795 - 1840, we would be pleased to hear from you.

My website will always remain freely accessible and I tend to frown on those who assemble family genealogy but will not publish because it may be copied by another.
If the research is not for the benefit of others and to those who will inevitably follow us, what is the point ? Self adulation will only live as long as that person.

I sadly missed the CTV screening of the Peter Fidler story, should anyone have it on DVD or VHS I would be pleased to hear from you.

Congratulatioins on an elegant and informative website.


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Post by gnstill » Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:35 pm

I am very pleased to hear from you. I also visited your website and found it very interestng too. I'm new at this website business, and I hope to make improvements in time. Although the website focuses on FIDLER, I also have a lot of information on other Metis families that I have accumulated over many years.

Apparently in 1791 Charles CHABOILLEZ was hired as a clerk by Joseph FROBISHER (North West Company), and they were at Cumberland House and Ile a la Crosse posts until Charles was assigned to the Assiniboine and Red River deparments in 1796.
Charles very likely first met Peter FIDLER at Cumberland House where FIDLER was moved in 1790 to be trained as a surveyor under Philip TURNOR.

Regarding Clara CHABOYER, daughter of Isabella KNOX 7 Norbert CHABOYER JR b-1872. Manitoba Vital Statistics lists Marguerite Marie Clara CHABOYER born Jan 8, 1904 with mother's maiden name as Isabella KNOX. Is this the same Clara that you mention in your notes?

Also listed ia an Alfonse Edmond CHABOYER born Sep 14, 1907 (mother's maiden name: Bella KNOX). I didn't see Alfonse in your listing.

I look forward to more chats. I'm sure we have much more to share.

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