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Descendants of Richard STEVENS and Mary O'CONNOR (MEENISH)

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Descendants of Richard STEVENS and Mary O'CONNOR (MEENISH)

Post by gnstill » Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:42 pm

My wife’s lineage from Mary MEENISH-O’CONNOR & Richard STEVENSb-1793.

Their daughter Isabella STEVENS (1826-1919) married James YOUNG (1822-1870).
Their daughter Jane YOUNG (1845-1916) married William FIDLER (1845-1929).
Their son James FIDLER (1870-1929) and Caroline SAYER (1873-1949) were the biological parents of Ventrice (FIDLER) THOMAS (1893-1985).
Ventrice THOMAS married Irene (DICKINSON) MOORE (1910-1991)
Their daughter Eldred THOMAS (1943-1997) married me (Gary STILL).

I would very much like to see a similar lineage regarding yourself.

Stevens Descendant
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Thomas and Stevens

Post by Stevens Descendant » Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:33 am

My two great grandparents that were each descended from the marriages of Mary O'Connor

My Great Gramma: From the Thomas marriage

Mary Ellen ORVIS, Metis
b: 19 Aug 1876 in Grand Marais, Manitoba
d: 1968 Burnaby, BC

her father was John Benson ORVIS, son of Loren Orvis, grandson of Silas
b: 14 Aug 1844 in Ontario
d: 18 Nov 1930 in Beaconia, Manitoba

her mother was Mary Ann (Jane Mary) McLEAN. Metis
b: c 1857 in Red River
d: c 1882 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mary Ann McLean's father was Donald McLean
Her mother was Helena ( Eleanor Thomas ), Metis
Who was the daughter of Charles Thomas, Metis
Who was the son of John Thomas Jr and Mary O'Connor. both Metis

My Great Grandfather was Robert Richard Stevens
Son of Robert Stevens who was the son of Richard Stevens and Mary O.Connor

Typing this here has been difficult as the screen jumps with every new entry at a certain point, it seems to want only a paragraph and typing more makes it jump, so I have left out the dates of most of the ancestors lifes as it is making me dizzy!
I would be happy to send a more detailed geneology to you if you email me!

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