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Post by gnstill » Sat May 09, 2009 9:12 am

I want to stimulate discussions and exchanges of information regarding Chief PEGUIS (1774-1864) and his descendants (who began to use the surname PRINCE around 1840).

The life of Chief PEGUIS is fairly well documented. He was born around 1774 in the area of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Around 1790 he led his band of about 200 Ojibway from Ontario to Netley Creek (MB).
Chief PEGUIS is said to have had four wives, but it wasn’t until 1840 that he was church-wed to his last wife (Victoria). Thereafter he proclaimed that his children would be known by the surname PRINCE.
Chief PEGUIS died in 1864.

There are several PRINCE family connections with descendants of Peter FIDLER of Bolsover (1769-1822).

In 1790 when Chief PEGUIS arrived at Netley Creek, Peter FIDLER was at Cumberland House being trained as a surveyor by Philip TURNER. FIDLER’s first encounters with Chief PEGUIS probably began around 1812 when FIDLER became the HBC post master at Brandon House. The first of LORD SELKRK’s settlers had arrived at present day Winnipeg by that time, and FIDLER was soon sent (by HBC Governor George SIMPSON) to assist in bringing these homesteaders to Red River, and to survey river lots and assist in building houses for them. In 1822 Peter FIDLER died at Dauphin Lake House and soon after his Cree wife Mary moved the family to Red River.
Peter’s eldest son, Thomas Jonathan FIDLER (1795-1875), by that time was “county-wed” to Nancy HALLETT and their first child James FIDLER was born on Apr 1, 1822 in St Andrews Parish. There is perhaps a possibility that James FIDLER’s was in fact a step-son (information is sketchy and I welcome further discussion in this regard). In any case it seems that James provided the first family link to the PRINCE descendants of Chief PEGUIS through his daughter (Catherine) and grandchildren (Edith & Henry FIDLER).

My information indicates that James’ daughter Catherine FIDLER married William Henry PRINCE (1848-1929).
James’ son, Henry James “Harry” FIDLER (1854-1940) had two children who married PEGUIS descendants. Daughter Edith FIDLER b-1901 married John PRINCE. Daughter Mary Dorothy “Dora” FIDLER b-1907 married Rufus PRINCE

More information regarding these families will be greatly appreciated.

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